Presentation Schedule

Priya Rao of What Priya Said will be our MC 
for the sessions.

Saturday Nov 30th


A Holiday Guide:

Staying Balanced and Healthy 

gallery/greg prasker

Greg Prasker, co-founder of SuperHERBals will discus how to nourish Your Mind, Body & Soul with their Sacred CBD Oil using samples and an exercise to help balance emotions over the busy and stressful holiday season.


Sunday, December 1st

2 pm

Style and Beauty For the Compassionate Fashionista 

Adrienne Borgersen, Founder of online beauty magazine "La Fashionista Compassionista"  will speak about cruelty free & vegan fashion including tips & tricks for dressing for the holidays. Her presentation will showcase items available at some of the vendors at the Market.

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12 pm

A Holiday Guide: Holiday Party Foods

Chef Tere Fox is co-creator/chef of the famed Rockin’ Raw, masters of raw food on the East Coast. 
She heads her catering and consulting company Jam, offering raw and cooked foods for weddings, corporate events, retreats, and all those special moments and of course focusing on gluten free cakes and pastries for all occasions. To help you prepare for your holiday entertaining she will demonstrate how to make easy-bake cupcakes and raw  Zucchini Pumpkin Herb Cheese Roll Ups. 

gallery/tere fox

2 pm

The Travelling Vet 

4 pm

Seven Simple Ways to Detox

gallery/chef adanus

As the holidays draw near and some of us may overly indulge in our meals , detoxification will be an essential tool to get us back to our healthy lifestyle . Indulging every now and then in itself is fine! However we know that feeling sluggish, imbalanced and dehydrated are all signs of needing to reset out systems. Chef Adanus Harris of Inspirationally Dished will discuss the Seven Simple  ways  to detox to get you back on track for 2020!

gallery/priya rao

Growing up, reading about dogs and cats helped Dr. Aman Kanwar relate to them on a deeper level, which ultimately lead to him becoming a veterinarian. He  wrote his new children's book "Spot, the Baby Cow" to help children relate more to farm animals  so that kids can grow up making more ethical decisions regarding their lifestyle. A book signing will follow his session.