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I founded BOÏDA in 2018, in Montreal, Canada, I wanted to create a brand of vegan apparel designed to inspire people to believe in their individual power to make a positive impact in the world.

BOÏDA, as pronounced in Korean, means “to be visible”. This captures my brand’s mission, which is to be a voice to speak for animals, to make their plight and suffering visible.

BOÏDA offers PETA approved animal-friendly apparel, with a focus on high-quality outerwear and fashion accessories. 

Our flagship product, VEGAGOOZ, is a line of cruelty-free winter jackets insulated with vegan "down."  Made in part with corn fibers and further reinforced with a patent-pending technology, VEGAGOOZ  jackets were presented at the first ever Vegan Fashion Week in Los Angeles in 2019, as well as different fashion-related events in NYC.

- An Pham

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Promotion(s) above valid during the Vegan Christmas Market event only and may no longer be available.

Photo credit (left): Taken at Furfree Toronto Fashion Show -- Photo by Virun Virlan (IG @veganator9)

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