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We created chloé + crown with a simple idea in mind: create handmade, beautiful candles only using natural ingredients. oh, and do it all from our home studio in Hudson, Quebec while supporting local suppliers and being environmentally responsible. 

From candles we expanded into organic, all natural room sprays room sprays, including our all natural anti-bacterial yoga mat spray.

Our candles are made with pure organic soy wax sourced from local soy bean farmers, and we use phthalate + paraben free fragrance oils or pure essential oils in our candles.

From our glass candle jars to our glass essential oil vials, all of our containers and packaging are made with recycled and reusable materials. even our product labels are made from recycled cotton and linen paper, and adhered using non-toxic, all natural glue.

Our wooden wicks come from FSC certified mills and our cotton wicks, are just that, cotton.



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