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That first time you light a new candle is a fresh beginning. Fragrant aromas permeate your home and fire up all the senses. If you’re like us, you watch the candle slowly burn down, and watch with some sadness, the wax melt down to the bottom. What if you could repurpose the vessel for a permanent place in your home -- antique beer steins, mug filled with hot cocoa, a cream and sugar set, or colorful kitchen jars? A striking object with utility.

We are young so we will have a lot of proud moments but for now it’s when people light up (pun intended) when we show them the results of planting the seed paper in a unique vessel. We have a few samples of wildflowers that we bring to markets and people smile. That and the countless compliments on the beauty and function of the vessels makes us proud. Our hustle as entrepreneurs is focused around these proud moments of educating people as to giving life to vessels. We sell ideas, not just products.

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