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Styrian Gold Inc. is a Canadian company that imports pumpkin seed oil, seeds & protein powder from Austria and distributes it throughout Canada & USA.

Our vision is to share this delightfully delicious, naturally nutritious pumpkin seed oil with all Canadians and Americans.

It all started when Ernestine first came to Ontario from Austria, and discovered that this oil was not available here. As she grew up with it, she knew how good it was! Here in Canada, she only had the limited amounts she was able to bring back from her occasional trips home.

Our mission is to bring awareness to all our North American friends about the goodness of this wonderful, healthy, and magical Styrian Gold pumpkin seed oil, pumpkin seeds & protein powder.

Styrian Gold Pumpkin Seed Oil is prized far beyond the borders of Styria, (Steiermark) a province in the south of Austria. And, in case you haven’t heard, the health benefits of Styrian Gold Pumpkin Oil are quite astounding! Pumpkin seeds in general are already being hailed as a SUPERFOOD, but the Styrian Gold seeds are quite different from North American pumpkin seeds in that they grow without a shell!!! Being naturally packed with healthy fats, antioxidants, naturally occurring vitamins and an abundance of really important minerals vital for our bodily functions, particularly our plumbing, (which includes the liver, bladder, urinary tract and prostate) it is quickly becoming the wise choice for health professionals and health conscious people all over the world as a natural, wholesome, versatile and great tasting alternative.

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