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We make 100% natural products focused on healing. We use botanicals, essential oils and mainly vegan ingredients (except for maybe 3 out of at least 200 products). Our main focus is on healing the body through what you put in the skin.

We founded Tranquility Matters after I spent my childhood in the hospital. I was diagnosed with a brain tumour at 7 and 9 years of age. After a youth of compromised immune system and being sick all the time, we learned about the dangers of aluminum in deodorant and that was the turning point in our lives. We started formulating all natural deodorant and the rest is history. We took aromatherapy and herbal medicine courses, learned from countless teachers, and turned my health and life around. This is the constant drive for what we do!

Note: The full line of products offered by this vendor on their website is NOT exclusively vegan.  Please check product descriptions on their website to select the ones that are vegan. If you're unsure about a specific item, please contact the vendor directly to confirm.

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